Git and GitHub are most famous words in dictionary of computer world. Knowing git it must in nowadays and having in-depth knowledge of this always a plus point. I’ve attended two days workshop by Vimal Daga Sir from which I gained lots of knowledge in just short timespan of 8hrs. In those 8 hrs. I’ve achieved 0 to hero level ( no I didn’t mastered it ,obviously . But knowledge provided by Sir was just amazing that I can move forward and learn all advanced concepts easily now). Let’s take some glimpse about what we learned from that workshop.

What is Git and GitHub?

Git is well known SCM (source code management)tool used in industry. Git also provide facility of version control (which is under umbrella of SCM).

In git we have three stages for managing code:

1)Work area
2)staging area
3)commit area
Work area
-It can be folder, directory where we store our code files and other things.
-It is known as work area(WA) or work in progress area(WIP).

Staging area
-Staging area is between work area and commit area.
-It tracks data from our workspace.
-git add command is used for adding work area to staging area.
-It creates index which is like real-time database.

Commit area
-Commit area is final area where we commit our codes.
-It uses snapshot for storing data.
-git commit is used to commit data to commit area.

This is basic knowledge of git .

GitHub provides same facilities with GUI(graphical user interface). Using git we are storing our data in local machine and GitHub provides us centralized server to manage and handle our code. It is also helpful in collaborating with others.

Some other information gained in workshop/training is:

♨️ About CI / CD pipeline.

♨️ What and why DVCS, CVCS, SCM vs VCS, Webhooks, commits and branches?? Used and the use cases.

♨️ Fast forward merge, squash, rebase, commit, switch, reset & stash.

♨️ Also cherry picking, every merge as a possibility of new feature. Different staging's like add-stage, commit-stage. Snap-shots & few more.. ✒️

♻️ Including tools like Git Bash, p4merge & Git Kraken to visualize better.

♻️Making branch + switch == checkout and many more key-points & much more enthusiasm.

This much of knowledge in 8 hours with understanding most of the concepts is only possible because of Vimal Daga Sir. I’ve never feel bored or exhausted in that long 8 hrs. journey in 2 Days. This can be only done by superhuman(Which is Vimal Daga Sir for us). Happy to attend this great workshop and love attend more in future.

Thanks you!!!



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