Industry Use Case on Automation Using Ansible

In this hard period of pandemic where lots of people are struggling with there jobs , buisnesses and companies automation is making vital impact on there occupations. While doing jobs remotely automation is key for buisnesses for upgrading , scalling their buisness infrasture and keep workflow constant for there buisness services. Ansible is great tool for this in IT industries and it is keep on growing in IT field. And knowing how to use this automation technologies is always great choice for anyone.

Lots of industries nowadays using automation e.g. Ansible. Along with this having real knowledge of industry use case on automation using ansible is always best. And we got opportunity to attend session on this session by Industry experts in this field Mr. Sreenjith Anujan And Mr. Arun Eapan.

Also great thanks to Mr.Vimal Daga Sir and Mrs. Preeti daga Mam for providing this all great opportunity and platform.

Greate things comes from great people

First lets introduce about about instructor for this session .

Lets read some best things about them before we attend the session for today, so that we all will be aware about their work streams and process they do in the industry as an expert :-

“Mr. Sreejith Anujan”,

The Principal Instructor at Red Hat

▪️Primarily responsible for empowering Red Hat customers with tailor-made enablement services.

▪️Also heading the designing and delivering high-quality content on integrated solutions and trusted partners across APAC, ANZ, and APJ.

▪️Connected with RedHat for around 12+ years.

▪️He was a Speaker in 2018 where he had discussed Linux Container Internals.

“Mr. Arun Eapen” (Director, APAC Service Delivery, GLS RedHat Asia Pacific)

▪️ Specialist :- Linux and Security

▪️The First RHC*(RHCA, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCVA) in India.

▪️Founding member of the Free Software Foundation India.

▪️Being in open source software for more than 24 years.

Having expertarized instructors with this much of experience and knownledge is such a blessing for us.

What we learned from this Session!!!!

I have already mentioned importance of automation and role of automation in industry earlier in this article. But there is one more tool which is helping in automation Known as Ansible Tower.

What is ansible tower?

Ansible tower is web-based solution that makes ansible more easy to use in IT industry . It is free open-source tool which is available on git hub with more than qurter million downloads per month.

Ansible tower gives us clustering feature . We can deploy multiple ansible towers and share comman database which helps in redundancy for your automation and scale your automation even your controller node goes down.

It can be used for many tasks like configuration , provisioning , security , application deployement and orchestration.

Key points for automation

  1. Focus on many small tasks rather than a big complex process.
  2. Review what others have automated.
  3. Treat automation like software.
  4. Think out of the box.

Features and usage of Ansible tower

  1. Ansible tower is webui tool for automation. It is easy to use visual tool which gives user freindly experience.
  2. It can be integrated with notification applications like slack , email , etc. Which will help user to get notifications after doing tasks.
  3. We can integrate cloud technolgies like AWS , Azure etc. very easily . For exm. Creating Ec2 instances and using it for work can be automated with ansible tower.
  4. Adding credentials like username , password , secrect key , access key etc. is easier and saffer . We can save credentials in credentials part and use that while running our programs.
  5. Setting workflow and scheduling time for automation is easy with ansible tower.
  6. It is open source software so we can customize as per requirements.

This all are some features , use cases of ansible tower that was introduced and performed practically in that session. Being student of rh294 this all concepts of Ansible tower was new too me but the way sir explained and performed that all concepts I’ve gained lots of knowledge , also loved that session.

Genuine Experience what we got from session

This was really great session in which we got chance to know real world use case of ansible practically . Having this much expertarized instructor for session is also bonus point for us. Way of teaching , examples in session and QnA part was really informative . Concepts was very clear and on the point. Also before this session we have learned ansible in best possible informative way by Sir Vimal Daga , that knowledge taught by Vimal Daga Sir really helpfull while attending this session. Overall that session was really amazing and I think using word “Feedback” for explaining that fabulous session is not proper.

This much of words are also not enough to explain that session but finally I’m ending here.And we are happy to attend more sessions like this.

Thank you!!!!!



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