What is Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform which helps to automate lots of industry processes involved deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications. Kubernetes also known as “k8s” or “kube”.

In simple words, kubernetes helps you easily and efficiently manage groups of hosts running Linux containers. That group of hosts known as cluster too.

Journey Of Kubernetes !!!

Kubernetes originated from a project within Google. It’s a sucessor to-though not descendent of-Google Borg , an earlier container management tool that Google used internally. Kubernetes facilitates distributed microservices architecture which makes it easy to run applications in cloud . That’s the reason why Google open sourced Kubernetes in 2014.

Google sees adoptions of containers , microservices by world . which means Kubernetes can potentially increase customers to google cloud services even though Kubernetes certainly works with Azure and AWS as well. Kubernetes is currently maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is itself under the umbrella of Linux Foundation.

Kubernetes comes through great journey from google project to Cloud native computing foundation of linux foundation and it’s popularity is defining it’s sucess story itself.

Kubernetes is kind of gift from fairytale for automation world of containerized , legacy and cloud-native apps ,as well as refactored into microservices.

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